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1950(Age 49)
Publishes <Circus Troupe>. <Four-Four Time and Five Poems and Songs> in <<The Literary Art>>(in February). Taken to the Department of Political National Security and imprisoned when the Korean War occurs in June. Committed to the Seo-dae-mun Jail along with Jeong In-taek, Kim Gi-rim, Park Young-hi, for a while and transported to the Pyung-yang prison. Presumed to be bombed to death after the confinement along with 33 people including Lee Gwang-su, Gae Kwang-soon.
His wife, Song Jae-sook passes away at age 70 years.
The restoration movement of Jong Ji-yong's literature is began by Jong Ji-yong's first son, Gu-kwan, along with the men of various circles and 48 literary men such as Jo Kyung-hi, Song Ji-young, Mo Yun-sook, Kim Dong-ri, Kim Chun-su, Jeong Bi-seok, Kim Jeong-ok, Bang Yong-gu, Han Gap-su, Park Wha-seong, Choe Jeong-hi, Park Du-jin, Jo Pung-yeon, Yun Seok-jung, Baek Cheol, Gu Sang, Lee Hi-seung, Yang Myung-moon, Seo Jeong-ju, Pi Cheon-deuk, Lee Bong-gu, Lee Heon-gu, Kim Pal-bong, Kim Gap-soon, Ryu Jong-ho, Lee Sook-rye, Lee Bong-soon, Moon Deok-soo, Baek Nak-cheong, Ro Gi-nam, Whang Dong-gyu, Whang Gyung-un, Kim Hyeon-ja, Kim Jeong-han, Kim Ji-su, An Seok-ja, Lee Seon-geun, Kim Hak-dong, and so on.
The ban on the literature of Jong Ji-yong is lifted on the 31st of March. The Society for Ji Yong is organized in April.
The first Religious Service for Ji Yong is performed by the frist president, Bang Yong-gu, in the small auditorium of Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul on the 15th of May.
The Religious Service for Ji-yong, performed again in the Gwanseong Assembly Hall, the hometown of Jeong Ji-yong, on the 25th of June, continues to the 16th Religious Service.
Ji-yong Poetry Literature Award is established.
The first prize winner is Park Du-jin;the second, Kim Gwang-gyun;the third, Park Jeong-man;the fourth, Oh Se-young;the fifth, Lee Ga-rim;the sixth, Lee Seong-sun;the seventh, Lee Su-ik;the eighth, Lee Si-young;the ninth, Oh -Tak-beon;the tenth, Ryu An-jin;the eleventh, Song Su-kweon;the twelveth, Jeong Ho-seung;the thirteenth, Kim Jong-cheol;the fourteenth, Kim Ji-ha;the fifteenth, Ryu Gyeong-whan.
The second president, Lee Geun-bae, is appointed.
The Seoul Religious Service for Ji-yong and the Ji-yong Literature Symposium are held as the 100th Anniversary for the Birth of Jeong Ji-yong in May.
The Seoul Religious Service for Ji-yong and the Ji-yong Literature Symposium are held in commemoration of selecting Jong Ji-yong as a Cultural Figure for the month(May).